Ugboko Genealogy

The Genealogy Of The Four Villages

To establish and successfully map the genealogy of the four villages of Idumuje-Ugboko is as challenging as the evaluation and the authentication of the various narratives surrounding her founding.  Disregarding the preeminence of any of the accounts, among historians, there is a consensus that a core group of settlers founded Idumuje-Ugboko.  This core group include: Nwoko, his siblings and relations, Omezi, Obodo, Obu, Iyitor, Ina, Osei, Ekwulu, Oko-Onyimi, Mokobia, Osigwe, Igha, Okohue, Biachi, Nwonye, Agwaibor, Bamah, Edemodu, Nwulu, Oghedo and Esonye.

In this section, the aim is to present an illustration of the descendants of the primogenitors of each Idumu that make up the four villages of Idumuje-Ugboko.

Note: Every effort has been made to present this genealogy as fairly and as accurately as possible. However, given the unprecedented scale and depth, it is conceivable that some elements of the genealogy might not be as error-free as intended.  Consequently, if any inaccuracies are detected, a thorough check will be carried out and remedial actions taken.

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Ogbe-Obi Village Genealogy

Ogbe-Ofu Village Genealogy

Atuma Village Genealogy

Onicha-Ukwu Village Genealogy